Case Study

Hassell Studios are a global leader for innovation and experiential designs in the Architectural world, approached our team with the task to bring a similar level of impactful and experiential design to their digital representation.

Our expertise and ethos of designing for people first, focusing on human-centred solutions aligned perfectly with Hassell’s own vision and morals. Three main actors took place in this project between the client team, the branding agency in charge of the evolution of Hassell’s new global identity and our team, bringing the digital experience to people across the world whilst integrating the new visual impact of the freshly minted branding.

Hassell homepage

Multiple workshops took place to progressively frame the project. Starting from a general understanding of the company and the main features that would appear on the site, to progressively frame in detail each branch of the company and its intricacies to help us prioritise and organise the content.

The team went through numerous iterations and possible solutions, allowing ourselves to quickly test, fail, try something different, almost succeed and finally arrive to a successful result.

With changing teams and so many actors in the project, it was essential to keep all communication channels open and transparent to ensure a shared understanding and ownership of the project. More often than not for projects of such span, we made sure to always bring back users at the centre of the conversation and made sure that the design decisions were taken from a human-centred perspective.

Hassell workshop
Hassell wireframes

A final product that would be accessible to an international audience, be displayed in different languages and elevate the branding and amazing work of the company on digital.

Our team delivered an elaborated and flexible design system, describing branding integration through typography, use of imagery, micro-interactions and rich layouts.

Hassell project mobile viewHassell menu mobile view
Hassell menu desktop viewHassell project desktop view
Hassell design system snippet