Case Study

Queensland Theatre brings varied, entertaining performances for all audiences in 2 iconic venues in sunny Brisbane.

We were hired to widen the reach of traditional theatre through digital transformation, strenghtening the brand identity and bring the appeal of theatre to a wider audience. The project had to have strong focus on both UX and UI, ensuring that the existing, older audience and the younger target audience would both have a delightful and engaging experience.

Quuensland Theatre homepage

With unprecedented constraints due to the events of 2020 and having to adapt to a whole team working remotely from home, we focused on establishing a Most Valuable Product that would be the core of the experience, and iterate with prioritised functionalities.

We established simple user flows to identify potential blockers and challenges for users in exploring and purchasing tickets for performances. After validating the mapping we fleshed out the experience with an interactive prototype that would give us an early appreciation of the design thinking and the solutions we envisioned to meet the project goals.

Quuensland Theatre journey snippet
Quuensland Theatre prototype snippet

A mobile-first experience bringing a new, vibrant branding that adds to the user experience and takes advantage of the beautiful imagery created by the Queensland Theatre team. Each performance brings its own set of colours to their respective pages, on a structured layout that prioritises usability and discoverability.

We created a full, flexible design system that Queensland Theatre can use to create more content and extend their online offering to progressively extend their reach and attract an ever-growing audience to live performances.

Quuensland Theatre menu mobile viewQuuensland Theatre home mobile view
Quuensland Theatre menu desktop viewQuuensland Theatre home desktop view